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Do Yoga Teachers Get in a Practice Funk?

Heck yes we do!

It's one question I get asked often, and it's also an assumption that my students make....that I continuously practice daily like clockwork.

The thing about teaching, at least for me, is that I absolutely love it. Which from time to time makes it hard for me to work on my personal practice.....all of my heart and energy goes into classes for others that I sometimes just don't have it to do my own. And let's be real, there are those days that you just DO NOT want to do them for yourself when you'd rather watch bad reality TV and be lazy snuggling with the dog. ;-)

How do we get out of it?

Well, every instructor is different.....but I know for me, I just lay out my mat in the middle of the living room. 9 times out of ten, I find myself walking over to it, doing a forward fold and busting out a downward facing dog. Taking a big inhale, releasing it out, my body just moves on its own and before I know it, I've completed a flow with little prompting!

The last 1 time out of ten, I just throw on Hulu and enjoy some bad reality TV ;-).

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