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I’m still fairly new to the yoga scene and recently took Danica’s class. From the flow, the queues, and her music choices- I had a blast, especially for an early Sunday morning!

Krystal W.

Danica is a fun teacher that helps you unwind and focus on what you truly need to expand your yoga practice. A conscientious teacher who is in touch with her students. I love her classes!

Paige P.

 During our time together in yoga teacher training, I got to know Danica well. She brings her empathy, humor, and badass energy to her teaching. I loved every class I took from her while I lived in Phoenix, and will definitely be coming to one next time I visit!

Emmett L.

She is a great teaching but keep away from her nachos!

Bryan H.

I'm not really a "yoga person" but I LOVE Danica's classes.  She puts you at ease from the moment you walk in.  Her music selections are fantastic and she offers helpful modifications to help you get he most of the class.

Leslie P.

Danica is knowledgeable, caring (and most important to me) fun. Not only does her Flow Yoga class help warm the muscles and detoxify your body, but it's great for centering your mind as well! Danica is wonderful at helping to modify the postures for participants that have injuries and the atmosphere she creates is inviting and positive. Growth in yoga is about small changes in movement, breath and attitude. Danica's smile and energy is infectious and keeps you coming back!

Desi M.

The blue-haired bad A**!  Danica created a truly unique and funky, yet calm and soothing atmosphere in her classes.  Always leave wanting more but with a big smile on my face!  She is a literal yogi-rockstar!

Brittany S.

Danica is an amazing, passionate and dedicated yoga teacher. Her sessions are a great alternative to physical therapy. If you're looking for a fun and unique way to relax your body, mind and improve joint flexibility, stop by and see the Blue Haired Yogi. You'll be glad you did!

William G.

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